Once upon a time in a Panaderia …

8 Jun

After going to Salvadorian restaurant/market Mas X Menos in Southside Richmond, I got to stop by La Sabrosita Bakery, located a couple of stores down. The owners of La Sabrosita are also from El Salvador, but you can find some treats that are similar to what you would find in a Uruguayan panaderia (bakery).

Plantillas with caramel in the middle.

Dulce de Leche or "arequipe" as it's called in some countries.

During this outing, I found dulce de leche (yay, another place you can find it in Richmond) as well as some pastries, including alfajores and palmitas. Alfajores are two layers of cake, with filling in the middle (ranging from caramel, dulce de leche, chocolate or jam depending on what country you’re in). Palmitas are a sugary, crunchy and flaky treat. I also had plantillas with caramel in the middle. These were very good; moist and soft when you bit into them. The alfajores and plantillas, however, probably used caramel instead of dulce de leche since they did not seem very sweet to me. Also, I would have preferred more filling in the alfajor and plantilla, similar to what is done in Uruguay.

Overall, the place was good and I highly recommend visiting it. It’s not very often you find panaderias and they are a unique aspect of Spanish-speaking countries. Some of the variations in the pastries from El Salvador are probably regional. For example their dulce de leche (referred to as arequipe in some Spanish-speaking countries) may not be as sweet as ours and they may not use as much filling in their pastries.

Alfajores with coconut on the sides and caramel in the middle (right)

La Sabrositas wasn’t exactly like a panaderia you would find in Uruguay, but you should still visit. It gives you an idea of what it’s like to shop in a specialized market with fresh food.

Veronica Garabelli photos


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